Bloody Party

Your metallic sweet taste drips from my mouth, down your neck, between your breasts, and over your hipsto pool around naked feet. My bite, an aphrodisiac, as you moan in my embrace while my teeth sink deep into veins drawing life into my own. Your river of red flows, it travels pulsates, it beats, a […]

It’s Party Time

She pulled the fishnets up her thighs. She strapped the tall high heels around her ankles. She shifted her lacey black panties and pushed up her cleavage. She put on her cat ears and hissed at herself in the mirror. “Sara!! Get your ass down here!” Sara looked at herself in the mirror one last […]

Scrap Paper

The monster’s real. Every second it came closer and there was no stopping it. The awful scratching and scraping in the hall outside John’s apartment neared and would soon be at his door. He didn’t bother to barricade it or nail it shut; nothing could keep it out. Any detail he could imagine of the […]

Love Bites

Sharon Caliri slapped her thigh high boot with the rigid switch. She dabbed the beaded sweat from her face and forehead with her elbow hugging silk gloves. Sharon grinned at the striped welts that crisscrossed her husband’s bare ass. “A few more and I’ll be crowned queen of the rump roasters. You agree with me, […]

Roadkill Joe

Joseph Beckle belted along with Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” with every decibel his throat allowed as he shifted the stiff, belching gears of his crumpled 1965 Chevy pick-up, though he changed the words to, “You’re Dea, eh, eh, d!!! You stupid bi-i-itch!” He twisted the AM radio knob through more fuzz and squalling forgotten country and […]

A Girl’s First Time

“Would you stop that? Please, you look fine.” Lauren stepped over to Jenna and snatched the ribbon from between her fingers. The tall blonde rolled her eyes and tried to look condemning, but with the music of the costume shop rattling the glowing orange walls as if the whole thing were one giant boom box, […]

Merry Christmas, Anya

She took a drag of his cigarette before snapping his neck. He lay there lifeless as a dead bird that had plunged head first into a glass window. “Sucks to be you,” Anya mused aloud looking down at his broken form. She was naked, and her ivory skin was streaked in mud from the back […]


There is a science to peeling meat from bone. Separating skin and limbs. Detaching unneeded organs and flesh. He has to be proficient. Calm. Collected. Most of all he needs quiet so he can concentrate. So he can function. It’s not quiet yet. He can hear every noise, every scratch, every twitch of grasshopper leg. […]