Two Poems by Philip Wardlow

Wolf Moon

Cold fog seeps

and crawls across

the path I creep.

Winds undulate naked branches,

stirring dead leaves to life

begging at second chances

full-moon-by-crudityDarkness shrouds my form

wrapped in a cursed cocoon

that is constantly reborn.

Full moon rises high

resplendent in my soul

A wicked herald courses the sky.

Skin rips, tendons elongate,

Blood drips, fangs germinate

as hair propagates as muscles sip

at the power the moon

spills and instills

into me.

A howl escapes…

full and exultant,

primal and free.

It is answered

by a brother, then a sister

fallen under the same spell

of the Wolf Moon.

It’s a call

To hunt.

and we are hungry.

Oh so hungry.

Scary and Creepy

I spied an old man at my screen door

with yellow teeth,

all filed to sharp fine points

He smiled at me with

a pasty pale wicked grin

mouthing only one simple word,


I caught the flash of a face in

the rear view mirror.


and sick

it looked.

Baleful and bound

to hell in my backseat

That is before I felt

its jagged fingernail upon

my cheek.

I had a dream so real

So real So real

It pulled and dragged

my body down



The weight

of its intent was dark

and unforgiving.

So much so I fear that

I would never ever want

to fall back asleep.

The creak of the stairs.

The creak of the stairs.

Why oh why do the

stairs creak?

For I have no dog, I have no cats

I have no companion in my home.

So why do the stairs creak so?

As I sit in my house all alone.

By Philip Wardlow

Philip Wardlow is a burgeoning ever growing fantasy  writer and poet. His writing tastes run to the Dark Urban Fantasy, Horror, along with a dash of Sci-Fi. He likes to dabble in various forms of poetry; from the erotic, to the dark, to the humorous, profound and beautifully sentimental.

He has only been at this chosen path for a few  years and has produced one Novella published as an Ebook on Amazon called “Roadkill”. He has submitted and continues to submit various stories and works of poetry to publications for consideration. He was recently published in the Quail Bell Magazine for a short story he wrote called, “Flight through Forest”. and came in second in Carnage Conservatory’s Halloween Writing contest for his horror story “Witch Hunt”

He is currently working on  a collection of his short stories  due out in 2015 at the end of year in E-book format and perhaps even as paperback if lucky.   He hopes to toll with bloody fingers to pen and paper and the constant punching of the keyboard.

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