What Makes Me Tick

I’m not your average girl
I don’t get turned on by clothes,
baby showers
weddings or nail polish
I prefer the darker side
I like dead things
ugliness, monsters and gore
sex offenders
serial killers
chalk outlines of human form
the sick
the twisted;
bring it on
it stokes my coals
and lights my pipe
masochism and knives
really get my motor running;
make me feel fucking alive
if beauty is only skin deep
then underneath
is where the darkness creeps
nice, pretty things are superficial
and never last…
I’m the type to flip over the shiniest coin
in search of grime on the other half
I like to piss on people’s parades
spike the lemonade
turn blue skies to gray
I’m not the nice, friendly girl-next-door
I don’t pick flowers
go to church
or watch sunsets—
I like fast and furious fucking
slaps, bites and death threats
choke me
knife me
kill me, better yet
imperfections and scars
aborted fetus in a jar,
these are just a few of my favorite things
so don’t offer me roses,
promise me the moon and the stars
or ply me with diamond rings–
only the ugly, dead,
and downright disgusting
can  truly make
my blood sing

By Cynthia Ruth Lewis

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