A Man’s World

Tina turned on the stage, displaying her lithe body, moving clumsily, but still displaying some of her previous grace that she kept in her 44-inch-long legs. Lucas sat back holding his dick in his hand, yelling obscenities at her. He would never touch her, no matter how horny he was. But he sure as hell would jack it to her pretty tits that were only recently turning gray. If he didn’t look at her face he could get off pretty quickly. If he didn’t think about the chain around her neck he could almost imagine she was going to suck his cock, instead of biting it off.
Deadly Divine was one of the many strip clubs on the far end of town that housed decaying beauties who had minimal bodily injury, and could be made to look almost alive. Some of them probably were strippers before the disease hit. Before, the plague took women from the men and left them with hungry shells who gnawed at their husband’s innards. The virus only affected women, and only reanimated girl corpses with buxom buttocks and perky nipples. Actually, it had no preference as long as you had a y chromosome; it would take even the unattractive ladies, the old biddies, the fat fatties, the unwanted and disgusting. Although now that there was no pussy, most men would have been happy with fucking anything that wasn’t dead, which really made you appreciate the little things, like a vagina. So Deadly Divine tried to bring a little of that feminine essence back to its customers with lovely dancers and moaners such as Tina. She was a real catch too, must have been something lovely when she didn’t have a rapidly expiring body. She was Lucas’s favorite, now that Claudia had almost turned black from rot. Deadly’s tried to preserve their merchandise as long as they could, freezing the fresh meat that they hunted down. The world of men was a bitter unkempt one. Yeah some men were glad their old ladies had up and died, even if they did come back to life for a bit of a snack. They didn’t have to put the lid down anymore, no need to clean the house or change underwear. The TV was theirs! They never had to watch a fucking weepy chick flick ever again! That didn’t last. Suddenly there wasn’t anyone around to remind them that the animals needed to be fed and the laundry done, the bathroom cleaned, the food bought. No one came home with dinner anymore. Then they fucking panicked and there was a mass wave of suicides. No sex? No sweet gestures? No one to confide in as a partner and lover. Testosterone levels being at their highest, the riots and fights broke out. Buildings burned. Guns blazed. Society crumbled. Scientist scratched their heads trying to locate the cause of female extinction. The few women who remained were carefully tucked away in laboratories for study. They were rare and could only be handled by exceptionally gay men, who would not break down with lust and rape them to death.
It was bleak. Lucas knew how bleak it was as he stroked his dick and tried to remember what a wet pussy felt like. Masturbation was everywhere, no longer taboo and now widely accepted and understood. Men on the streets would look at old Playboy magazines from a ransacked news stand and jerk off like they were reading a book on a park bench. If women weren’t roaming disease infested zombies, they would sure as hell want to be after seeing the amount of semen excreted in public. Not every man reverted to a caveman-like state with the women gone, but most of them were quickly killed by the ones who had. Establishments such as Deadly Divine popped up, chaining the freshly extinguished women to a wall and stripping them naked, making them prance on the stage by dragging a piece of human flesh back and forth. It brought some kind of order to men like Lucas who went home every night and put a shotgun barrel in his mouth just to taste death, and know that he had a choice. Lucas was hopeful that they would find a way to cure this illness, but he also heard rumors. Rumors that said there were no more women. People liked to talk, to speculate on the misery that surrounded them. He had to tell himself that they didn’t know shit, he had to or he would pull that trigger.
Lucas could feel himself getting close to climax. He could feel his orgasm ready to explode any second. He only had a moment to do what he needed to. Lucas leapt on the stage, pinning Tina down and stuck his dick deep inside her rotting cunt. He came inside a women again, finally. He didn’t even notice that Tina had started tearing chunks out of his neck, or the fact that he’d entered the dead would soon kill him. Maybe it was the fog of getting off and rapid blood loss, but Lucas was the happiest he’d ever been at that moment, with Tina eating him alive. By the time the managers of Deadly Divine reached the stage to pull Tina off, Lucas was dead, and smiling with the widest grin they’d ever seen. It was all they could do not to surrender then and there to Tina and her putrid mouth of tearing teeth.  

By Emily Smith-Miller

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