Two By Christopher Hivner

Parental Supervision

I dare you

to take one

and not the other

you know
even with one eye
I’ll see
everything you do,
every mistake
you make
and I’ll never
let you forget

do you have the balls

to just take one

can you live
with my
constant criticism,
my heated gaze
upon you
and your
inferior talents

I dare you

to take one

and leave me the other
to watch
in shame
while you ruin
the family legacy

come on son
you know
I let grandpa
keep one of his

can you handle
old dad
watching over your shoulder
as you stalk
your victims
my acid voice
when she almost
and laughter
so much laughter
when you can’t
get it up

its for
your own good

leave me one
so I can help you

you already
took my arms
and legs
so I can’t
steal them from you

at least
let me watch

She Took My Bones

She took the bones
from my arms
with tin snips
and a crowbar,
whiskey to
heighten her lust
but none
to numb
my pain.

She stood
in front of me
the blood
coating her face
like a child
putting on make-up
for the first time,
my skinless arms
in her grasp.

“Tell me you love me”
she whispered
while using
the bones of my hand
to jerk me off
and slicing
through my balls
with the snips.

Snorting blood
through my eyes
I growl
“You know I love you, baby”
and before
I pass out,
“but fuck you
and your foreplay.”

By Christopher Hivner

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