Channel Zero






a madness love
births a massacre pleasure
cracked television sets display
wire cages deep deep inside
watching the figures flicker flicker
fingers touch the screen
glossing over her faces hidden between the panes
dried blood on the glass and she’s clutching the cage sides
shake the clouds away
shake the clouds away
her high heels crush stamen
so she can drink the fluid
so she can lie down on asphalt
with her skin stretching enjoying
multiple slick surges
and perforations of capillaries drawn into her
deep inside
the electric shock of the walls 
i watch intently as
the moon spins to the left and the
dust comes to rest
turning dials
to control the electric corset
a vinyl flash
enjoying a taste of mars on the electric farm

By Peter Marra

2 responses to “Channel Zero

  1. Another one of your pieces that reads like cinema in my head. I am moved by the rawness of your work always, because it speaks to me …
    Channel Zero like a lunatic passion, poverty or the distressed, dejected and with a lens
    hidden,distant memories experienced – rejecting the pain, a refusal
    feminine power over men (a familiar thread)….such intensity
    opposites slam together and calm…..a matter of control

    Great piece….and I am happy to know that you are getting the recognition you deserve.
    I do hope to hear you read at some point!

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