Dante’s Riscatto


These everyday raging fires

burning within my body

are tributes to a baptismal

of God’s seed and Satan’s greed;

I am cursed for being born


Stranded within a gorge, I am

a crossroad in the intermediate

of the just and the unjust succeeding

the righteous and the wicked;

I am cursed for living


Broken is my body

withered is my heart

splayed is my flesh

maggots banquet on my corpse;

I am cursed for dying

Inferno Purgatorio Paradiso. . .Riscatto

By Devlin De La Chapa


5 responses to “Dante’s Riscatto

  1. A short but but ultra-dynamic poem like the one that I just read has more of an affect on me than reading a novel – with its “up’s” and “downs” and dips through life’s struggles. It tells me so much about the writer: what she must face and feel about life, her own existence – with the answers being close.

    • You do everything so well…your writing…the way you sleep to dream. But you can dream and dream well – or, you once upon a time dreamed. There are no perfect dreams, Editor – especially the Robert dreams. But why be clad with just oneself only to wade across the world’s lonely dismal pool. That big strong hand was mine. The only curse is shut eyes…

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