Of The Shadows

Hear it in a void:

psalms chanted slowly

words slip out from blue lips and

chattering teeth.


See it discretely:

the ice touch from the windows

burns then caresses

as we watch the trees grow slowly






/o my god

mascara streaming silken salt water

things painting the walls/


freely sliced in secret while they look away

simulated love

a hide / a cry

hidden sighs

heard from walls slowly moving away.


the flowers revolve

revolve towards the black sun smiling

black circle falling

the ingredient of forgotten

adulterers sniffing at

the sheets wet burn

in a slick mucous dream


/o my god

mascara streaming silken salt water

things painting the walls/


let. Me. Sleep.


the wooden cross / cold

hangs from the wall

it says goodbye

a pair of

burning black hot lips

mouthing words silently



an after-shadow of nuclear intensity

hiroshima mon amour

first degree epidermis redness,

after several hours in

tissue flesh, see the word-smell

mad wounds rising because

electrical burns are hers.


damage is not always obvious. walk. She was forced.


Because of a loss, a full-thickness, an explanation

as time dies lying in your lap?


she stopped when the floor grabbed her.


tell us about crouching figures

at the base

of a crucifixion


a bullet for the red light

a message waiting blown

away in spit and brine


she forced it

3 hours


three hours

it will be finished

blink. Slowly. Roused. Slowly.


cold sweat dream

close her teeth



she emerged crimson from

the flaming sex garage

By Peter Marra


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