The Gutting

She lay there on her side, unable to move. They were standing over her when she heard the woman say “I never could do this. You know how much I hate it. Call me when it’s over with,” she called out as she ran from the room, leaving him to do what needed to be done.
The victim just laid there, terrified. It was almost impossible for her to breathe. Her mouth wide open, gasping for air, to no avail. Wild-eyed, she could only watch as the man reached into a drawer and pulled out a large knife. He ran his finger across the blade and smiled his approval at its sharpness. As he walked towards her she suddenly realized what he was about to do. She cried out “Please! No! Please!,” she begged. “Don’t do this. Let me go back to my family, my children….PLEASE!” But no voice came out. Only silence. She watched, helpless, frantic, still unable to move, unable to speak. He raised his arm. As the knife plunged towards her, she knew that it was the last thing she would ever see. Her life did not flash before her eyes.
With the precision of years of experience, he slid the blade under her skin and, with great relish, started to separate it from her body. He delicately removed a bone here, an unattractive piece there, his eyes glistening with joy. When he was satisfied with the results of his efforts, he turned her over and started on the other side. Completely engrossed in his work he didn’t notice the spittle seeping from the corner of his mouth onto his unshaven chin. At last it was done. Completely gutted.
While cleaning up the gruesome, slimy mess, he suddenly stopped, looked down at his handiwork and shook his head. He called out to his wife, “Honey, it’s not gonna be enough. Reach into the bucket and bring me another trout.”

By Sylvester Lewis

2 responses to “The Gutting

  1. Some where between Alfred Hitchcock and the twilight zone. But, was it slipping the knife through the dermis slowly crafting the bone from the spine and removing it completely. The tissue went limp from the lack of support from the bone.
    Good one Lou.

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