Three Poems By Christopher Hivner

Created Below
Unshrouded death
spinning like a fucker
through my raped brain
unabated to my memories
of you and the rail-thin
specter punches
a cold claw into my
gray matter dragging youshrouded
out in a rheumy clump on
the end of a curved talon
raking a course tongue
between your legs slipping inside
deep inside and tasting
how much you wanted him
every time you screamed out his name
when we fucked and you scratched my back bloody
to lure him and now that I’ve
crushed your skull
I’m trapped as a vessel
for the incubus to have you and all I can do
is sit in the dark
and stare at your corpse.


If You Pay Me
I will kill your husband
I will follow your wife
I will create an accident
I will “send a message”
I will dispose of the body
I will burn the motherfucker down
Call the number,
bring cash.
If you pay me
I will do anything for you
. . . or to you.


Miller Kother
I should be able to control myself
but when you’re around
I smell your blood,
my nostrils flare
with the scent of iron,
my muscles harden
and my bones ache
to strip your flesh
for consumption
by my children.

I must learn control
to survive,
if I slaughter you
I will have no fantasies left,
no dreams to follow,
no aspirations
to drive me forward.

If I am to lead
the tribe
I must satiate
my desires elsewhere.
If I am
to be remembered
among the hallowed warriors
I must kill my enemies
and leave you be.

Mother, you are safe
for now.

By Christopher Hivner

One response to “Three Poems By Christopher Hivner

  1. “if I slaughter you
    I will have no fantasies left” — Ain’t that the truth?

    “Mother, you are safe
    for now.” — Great ending. Family relationships are just so complex sometimes, yes?

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