Back to the Bloodshed: The Carnage Conservatory Relaunch

Who’s ready to bring The Carnage back from the dead? We have a new contact email, if you’re interested in submission, an editorial position, or helping bring the site back to life through redesign, please email Editor-in-chief Emily Smith-Miller! Welcome back to the bloodshed . . .


4 responses to “Back to the Bloodshed: The Carnage Conservatory Relaunch

  1. good to see you back! OK, typed this out once, password not accepted, had to go change it… you know how it goes. So let’s try again.
    We need more gore and guts and decapitations, so let’s get this show on the road again.
    If you need editorial help, email me. I am an editor with 20 years experience, 52 anthologies done, initially for Static Movement and now for Horrified Press. Unlike most/all other editors, I do not reject without saying why, in the hope the writer will use the experienced help to improve. How many potentially good writers have been lost through lack of this? It doesn’t take long… and builds up a relationship between editor and writer (sometimes – certainly with my stable of writers, now well over 100 and counting.)
    Let me know.

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