Just Take the Edge Off

warm black milk in a red glass

goes down slowly with a slight gagging

while the buzz light flickers at full throttle

preliminary thoughts

she spoke about the grimy window

that she used to look through

while wishing that her naked feet were

massaged by cool sand in the evening

framed by the constant weak

murmurs of the ocean lecturing her

behind her back

behind her back

turn around look at it

if she could only perform

a vivisection and reclaim what they had taken

then she would be a success

a tight furry creature oozing mucous

capturing the electric light never returning it.

in manhattan

life proceeded as prescribed

lying spread eagled in a red brick circle

nails through palms

nails through feet

acid dipped arteries

memories drift then

 slide back in as thin-lipped razors

a mildewed structured

marble markers behind wrought iron

turn your face against the stone

turn her face against the stone

feel the cool licks below

lie in light that’s

colored by stained glass

clasp each other’s hands

lie in wait

waiting for them to arrive

By Peter Marra


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