There she is.

She looks fucking dead, man.

I know she LOOKS dead but she’s fucking not.

What did you do to her?

I didn’t do shit. I was working late last night and this tasty bitch comes in and I’m about to go all autopsy on her when the little slut opens her fucking mouth and tries to bite me!

Tyler, you do too many fucking drugs dude. Like stop taking that shit you sound like Evan.

Fuck Evan, that fried piece of shit! He owes me 20 bucks and a blow job!

Evan owes you a blow job?

NO MAN! I paid him 20 for this fine bitch to . . . You know what nevermind just check her out.

Uh I’m checking her out Tyler and I know you huff everything at that goddamn hospital you work at so necrophilia is probably totally straight but it’s not my fucking scene alright?

You are fucking dumb just wait a minute.

They stare down at her, obvious blunt trauma to the head, probably a car accident, most likely internal injuries, but her high cheek bones and aristocrat nose give away the fact that she’s absolutely beautiful. Her body is fine toned and elegant, with pert breast, perfect C cups. After staring mesmerized for a moment Tyler takes his hand and strokes the left breast feeling its abnormally cold sensation yet exquisite shape.

Mmm! She’s so tasty!

Tyler she’s fucking dead.

Her head jerks up and with violent reflex tries to rip at Tyler’s arm.


HA HA! I fucking told you, where’s my money?

Jared hands him a crisp $20 and circles the steel table looking down on the girl who had moments ago been undeniably dead, her blonde hair matted with blood and her eyes unfocused, all that seemed active was her chomping mouth. The sound of teeth striking teeth made Jared shudder.

What is this man? What did you do to her? Why is she like THIS?

I told you J, she came in, she layed  on my table and as I put the scalpel between her titties she nearly took my fucking arm off. Voila.

She’s fucking dead.

No shit ass wipe. I did more tests on her than on a fucking lab rat and lights are on but no one is home! Her vitals are zero, flatlined, she’s got nothing happening, and yet here we are trying to keep her bitey bitch mouth from snacking down on our dicks!



No fucking way. What are you gonna do with her?

Well, I was gonna spread her little legs and stick my cock right up there until I blow my load all over her deceased tits. But, I don’t know what the fuck this is, which is why I brought you down here, I mean if I fuck her do I become all Night of the Living Dead?

You want me to do a toxicology report on her?

Yeah Mister Chemistry! Tell me whats going on in that sadly departed snatch.

You’re a sick fuck Tyler.

Taking blood and tissue samples while trying to avoid the avid nibbles of Miss Zombie USA, Jared studied her closely, noticing the marked bluish skin of a days worth of death setting in. Her motor functions were choppy and awkward, probably from the setting in of rigor mortis taking its toll. No there was no mistaking this girl was fucking dead, fucking worm bait, a goddamn cuntalicious corpse. What the fuck? He was starting to think like Tyler, he could feel his dick getting hard as he took the samples and tried to hide the desire he was feeling towards a decomposing Venus.

Got it?

Yeah. I got it. I have to take it back to my lab across campus I should have something by tomorrow.

That’s my boy!

Tyler slapped his shoulder and handed back the 20 Jared had given him for the doubts he posed. Jared walked to the lab while the clock was edging towards 3 AM. Sitting at the lab stool he pulled out his samples and started going over anomalies in their girls tissue and DNA. She was as fascinating under the microscope as on the table, her blood components had extra DNA identifiers and the tissue samples proved to react even though they were separated from their host organ. Jared managed to isolate the real intruder though, it was a clear virus he found in one of his samples. The virus was multiplying and replicating DNA strands with the added identifiers which meant the samples were in fact GROWING right before his eyes. They were growing separately from their host, it almost seemed as if they were trying to build a whole new girl, create some way to spread themselves. He picked up one of the lab rats and injected him with the smallest amount of her blood, then put him back to wait. Within 20 minutes time the rat had died and reawakened snarling and snapping viciously. 


Jared headed back to the basement where he knew Tyler and his new girlfriend were holed up. He just hoped that the dumb fuck hadn’t done something monumentally stupid.

Tyler! Fucking TYLER!

Tyler rounded the corner at Jared with sickly skin, holding his stomach.

Tyler what the fuck is wrong?

I wanted her so bad Jared . . .

You didn’t.

She was just lying there tied up with her legs open, that sweet pussy man . . .

You didn’t.

I had to Jared! I was dying and you were taking forever! I figured what was the harm. . . .

Tyler slumped down grasping the wall for support.

I found out what it is Tyler, what she is. She’s infected on a massive level with a lethal virus.

Fuucckkk. . .

I don’t know what I can do Tyler.

What do you mean what you can do . . ?

Well you’re infected. This is a bad virus. I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this but I came prepared because I know what kind of fuck up you can be . . . all the fucking drugs Ty.

You came prepared with wh-wh-what?

Jared opened the duffel bag slung around his shoulder and pulled out the 9mm Glock his grandfather had left him some years ago, he’d never thought he would have a use for it. Most things aren’t anticipated.


Tyler lunged for him, but his motor functions were deteriorating quickly, he was dying.

I told you Ty, don’t be a dumb fuck, don’t screw around with things you don’t understand, don’t stick your dick in a FUCKING ZOMBIE! You never fucking listen to me, and the worst part is this isn’t even gonna do it. This is just gonna kill you and knock your ass out, like pretty jaws over there.

Jared please . . . I know I’m a fuck up but I don’t deserve to die . . .

I’m sorry Ty, you’re already dead.

Jared shot Tyler point blank in the head. He pulled out a body bag and nitrile gloves. Stuffing Tyler in the bag was oddly satisfying. Fucking dick, he thought. Then he moved onto her. One in the head knocked her down and he repeated the process. The basement had a path straight to the incinerator, but dragging the bodies together was hard and Jared didn’t know how long they would stay out. He dragged one for a little while, then went back and dragged the other. As Jared rounded back to pick up Tyler’s bag he looked on at the empty bag covered with blood.

Tyler! I know you’re here! You don’t understand Ty I had to kill you like that! The virus was already taking over!

Jared spun around looking up and down the corridor, frantically gazing in all directions at once. Then the mind numbing bite came at his calf as Tyler’s zombie form pulled him down and began to tear at Jared’s flesh while he struggled to free himself.

NO! NO! NO! Noo noooouggg. .  .

Tyler was digging through his intestines eating greedily at them and ripping at his internal organs, stuffing himself on his friends innards. Then a sound made Tyler look up from his meal, the bell for first class release and the sound of raucous co-ed voices piling above him. He began moving in a different direction.

By Emily Smith-Miller

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