Waking up in a closet,  my skin hanging from a hook. I remember the genesis of my situation.

He was tall, dark, handsome, perfect. Took me out for dinner, we had a good time. Then he put me into bed, entered me and then as I served his crotch he said: “You’ve got disgusting teeth” after which he bashed them off with his fists. Shamefully, I couldn’t do nothing but shake and convulse.

Lying there on the floor I spat my teeth out one after the other. Teeth on the floor, I stared up on him. He smiled, I smiled back -if you can call it that. He then forcefully entered my mouth, came. Swallowed, happy.

Then he tried to enter me, but being a piece of trash, my legs got in the way, so he cut them off without a tranquilizer. After the sacrifice I was worthy of entering. Yet he wasn’t satisfied.

“Yuz armz are dirty” he exclaimed, after which I bit them off.

Now fully naked, and shapeless I stood there. He played with me for a little while longer, then of course I bored him, as I tend to do. Being smart, he made a hole in my skin, put me on a hook, closed the closet and left.

I wish he would come back  one day.

By Matt Neputin
Matt’s Newly Released Book!

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