A Tryst With Glass Eyes In The House Of Love

Sexy Sadie969709_189154297910621_1047379155_n

went to sleep

while visions

of the Bad Ship Lollipop danced in her head

(just like Hollywood Babylon had promised)

the reflected light. independent waves,

a violent crime moved out of her mouth.


standing between two full length mirrors facing each other

a gift of Pandora. smash the surfaces. infinite faces destroyed.

shards everywhere coated in saliva, the smell

of summer air tempting her nostrils and


the waitress served six meals beyond what was required

showing the interconnected relationship with her vagina

a steady flow of business from the journal of spasms

another chemical put on the nerves early


another chemical put on the nerves early

too late for night

too late for talk

she displayed a temporary decrease in one customer every hour

a sperm competition taking them out.

her model, she talked of her desire for

glass eyes and of clenching forms in the house of love

all her hands bled and in an instance, the police

arrested a model of female orgasms.

a nocturnal duration.


we were in the middle of  a relaxing experience,

I described a sense of pleasure – that’s

when the police department responded.

scientific literature focuses on “creepy crawler” missions;

antagonists dressed in black,

experienced by males and / or females


some of the vagina’s high concentration of nerves died.

filthy vessels such as murder, as well as the iris were to blame

in breathless wonder, lips parted with pain

several people watched her vulgar eyes glinting back like their eyes


the department store she stared at promised satiation.

when Susan Atkins was still an occupant of the Spahn movie ranch,

she was relieved to hear that at the Days Inn Motel they wanted to retch

after staring at the crimson paintings


her nipples poked out harder after her first victim was cut,

her clothes were in a soiled disarray

her offspring knelt down behind a wonderful time

police force on

press deep in

grinned a shriek

she had became a temporary disease

it required new murder, as well as

testimony concerning crimes in loving


her experiences with a mental state betrayed

the fact that she’s a moving film star

filmed in virtually uninhabitable states


watch the action

watch the action watch


a B-52 under her skirt to play with

everyday ordinary wives that burst into

flames when the home crashes down around them

an escape from normalcy by a drive over the cliff

she was intimately carried by the attacker

pushed even closer by him to a silent area where she was frightened


defined by figures outlined in repose dragging us in deep

translucent like our love

transparent as hatred

as dolls eyes follow us in pursuit.


The spectacle typically offers crime at a distant location

(murder, weakening strength; the changing structure of department stores)

a stranger had also been linked with

an obsessive-compulsive performance and she heard a few times what the camera had promised

i showed her the album of old forgotten images because

photos taken at a certain place and time frightened her so much.

another chemical put on the nerves early

By Peter Marra


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