Virgin Autopsy

You make me feel alive;
brand new
when you speak to me of death
it makes my blood sing when you tell me
that I would make the most beautiful corpse on earth

put me on the slab
fold my arms across my chest
pull out the scalpels and the knives
it’s time to dress this doll
all the way to the fucking nines

it’s the only way I know how
to tell you I love you

bruise me, abuse me
because I care
hit me
slit me
because I’m there

slice the skin and fold it back
expose my bones
display my veins
reveal the beauty within

kiss my brain
caress my heart
stroke my diaphragm

I’m yours for life any way you slice me

peel back the sinew and the flesh
bare the secrets deep inside,
unfold the silent mystery–
the sentiments I never spoke,
brought to life
by my virgin autopsy

By Cynthia Ruth Lewis

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