It’s Just a Thought

‘If I put a knife

against your throat

would you fear

and run away

or would you stay and play?’

‘If I stuck the knife

into your throat

and gave it a gentle turn

would you cry out in pain

or moan in ecstasy?’

‘If I laid you on a bed

and slid a knife

just over your thighs

then up between your legs,

would you think me insane?’

‘And if I slid that knife deeper

into your sopping snatch

and cut out your womb

then glued it on my tombless cock,

would you worship me?’

I’ve watched you for days

spent nights writing you

beautiful things in thought, in poem,

and lastly,

drawing you pictures of you

just like that

with that knife so razor sharp

just the thought

of severing your flesh,

just the thought

of stealing your last breath

just the thought

of coming in your wounds

‘ooh’. . .like I said, it’s just a thought.

By Devlin De La Chapa

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